Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I do business with the Emirates Group?
Prospective suppliers can initiate this process by completing the supplier registration form online. Upon receipt, your request for registration will be directed to the relevant buyer within Emirates Group's Procurement & Logistics department (P&L).
How can I be sure that the buyer responsible for my category will see my profile? Can I follow up personally?
Submitting your company profile and filling out our registration form does not automatically place your company on our approved supplier database. We reserve the right to refrain from responding, but may consider contacting you should an opportunity that matches your company's product or service becomes available.
How can I get in touch with a purchasing manager directly?
You can write to and your query will be directed to the appropriate manager.
I am not a supplier, but have some questions regarding dealing with the Emirates Group.
You can write to and your query will be directed to the appropriate manager.
How long does the supplier evaluation process take?
You can expect a response within 15 working days after submitting your application, provided an opportunity become available that matches your company's product or service.
Where can I see a list of tenders to bid on?
You may bid for enquiries posted on or tenders that are posted in the Tenders section of this website.
If I have a query on an invoice, who can I call?
You need to contact our Accounts Payables department, at the following address:
Emirates Group Head Quarters, P.O.Box 686, Dubai. UAE;
or email:;
marking a copy to the buyer mentioned on the purchase order.
I have problems with a purchase order issued with incorrect information. Who can I contact?
You need to inform the buyer mentioned on the purchase order, to make relevant amendments
I have price changes to products that are under contract. How do I get them updated for future purchase orders?
You will need to discuss amendments to the negotiated contract with the concerned buyer.
Emirates Group Procurement manages sourcing and contracting through their epic solution. epic registration will help you supply to Emirates Group companies. Suppliers can bid for opportunities as invited and can manage their contracts with Emirates Group Companies.