Supplier Code of Conduct

Adherence to standards and expectations

The following points govern our Supplier Code of Conduct and must be strictly adhered to:

  • All employment must be freely chosen.
  • All employees must be of a specified age. The Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No.138) set by International Labour Standards on Child Labour states: The general minimum age for admission to employment or work at 15 years (13 for light work) and the minimum age for hazardous work at 18 (16 under certain strict conditions). It provides for the possibility of initially setting the general minimum age at 14 (12 for light work) where the economy and educational facilities are insufficiently developed.
  • The supplier must comply with wage laws.
  • All employees must receive humane treatment.
  • The supplier's facility must meet safety standards.
  • The supplier must have a plan for emergencies.
  • The supplier must notify its employees of the applicable supplier code of conduct.
  • The supplier's compliance with the supplier code of conduct is subject to audit.

In addition

  • Create value within your own processes including ongoing efficiency measures and programmes such as cost reductions, quality differentiation, and process improvements
  • Provide us metrics on a regular basis that will allow us to measure performance and address any deficiencies
  • Ensure that commercially sensitive information about the Emirates Group business - especially that is not readily available to the public - remains confidential and undisclosed to others
  • Ensure that you have adequate ethical and human rights policies (which includes prohibition of child or forced labour) and a complaints procedure to deal with any breaches to these policies
  • Avoid using the Emirates Group name or logo for any purpose without written authorisation from our Corporate Communications department including but not limited to the publication of photographs, endorsements, customer or client listings, and press releases

We work in a fast paced and extremely dynamic environment which means that on occasion we are compelled to review our specifications. As such, we reserve the right to revise specifications - after an enquiry has been published and bids are received - to meet exact and current requirements.

Emirates Group anti-bribery and corruption policy

The Emirates Group is committed to combatting acts of bribery and corruption.

For the policy wording, please read the document below.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

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