Criteria for eligibility

Prospective suppliers intending to partner with us must meet certain minimum qualifications and requirements. While these may vary slightly depending on type of product and service, they are marked by various common elements:

Financial stability

We review financial reports and related documents to determine if a prospective supplier is financially stable and is able to meet all supply commitments.

Established credentials

Potential suppliers should be in business for at least one year, and should be able to provide a list of clients as reference

Competitive pricing

Prices offered by potential suppliers - for their products and services � must be competitive within the specific industry.

Insurance requirements

Potential suppliers must be able to provide adequate insurance coverage required in line with perceived risks against accepted contracts. (P&L will determine the insurance coverage that is specific to a contract)

Quality standards

Suppliers must provide products and equipment that are of high quality, and these should be accompanied by comprehensive warranties. Further, suppliers must maintain a high degree of professionalism while providing their services to the Emirates Group.

Delivery schedules

It is important that suppliers adhere to promised dates for the delivery of goods to our stores, job-sites, or other locations.

Emirates Group Procurement manages sourcing and contracting through their epic solution. epic registration will help you supply to Emirates Group companies. Suppliers can bid for opportunities as invited and can manage their contracts with Emirates Group Companies.