Staff Policies

Personnel code of conduct

  • Declaration of interest
    Any personal interest that may affect, or be seen by others to affect a P&L staff member's impartiality should be declared immediately.
  • Confidentiality and accuracy of information
    P&L staff should respect the confidentiality of any information they receive and should never use it for personal gain. Information that P&L staff provide to business associates should be honest and clear.
  • Competition
    Since the nature and length of contracts and business relationships with suppliers can vary according to circumstances, these should always be constructed to ensure deliverables and benefits. Arrangements that may prevent the effective operation of fair competition must be avoided.
  • Business gifts and hospitality
    P&L staff will not accept business gifts, other than items of very small intrinsic value such as business diaries or calendars. Their business decisions will not be influenced, or be perceived by others to have been influenced, as a consequence of accepting gestures of hospitality. The frequency and scale of hospitality accepted will be managed openly and with care, and will not be greater than that which can be reciprocated.

Emirates Group anti-bribery and corruption policy

Emirates Group is proud of its reputation for fairness and honesty in all business dealings. We are committed to working in an honest and transparent way to the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with laws and regulations.

Emirates Group has an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy in place to promote and implement our commitment to combat acts of bribery and corruption. It is communicated to everyone involved in our business, from employees to third parties who deal with any member of the Emirates Group, all of whom are expected to adhere to its principles. Any breach of this Policy will be regarded as a matter of the utmost seriousness.

Employees, advisors, consultants, joint venture partners, or anyone else who may be acting on behalf of any member of the Emirates Group must not offer, make or receive bribes or corrupt payments. A bribe includes any payment, benefit or gift offered or given with the purpose of influencing a decision or outcome.

Corporate books and records of the members of the Emirates Group must fairly and accurately reflect the Groups transactions and activities. No false, inaccurate or incomplete entry may be made in books or records for any reason.

Cordial and strong business relationships should continue to be maintained with those with whom the members of the Emirates Group do business. We recognise that entertaining and hospitality are an important and enjoyable part of business, particularly in many of the business sectors in which members of the Emirates Group operate. Hospitality and promotional expenditure are permissible provided they are reasonable and proportionate and designed to improve the images of the members of the Emirates Group, better to presents their services and products, or to establish cordial relations. Hospitality or promotional expenditure which is intended to induce a person to perform a function improperly is not permissible. The Policy includes some guidelines as to activities which are permissible.

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