Guiding Principles

Ethics and business practices

  • To uphold the highest levels of integrity in all our business relationships - both internal and external - and to reject any business practice that is deemed unethical in any way
  • To enhance our proficiency and knowledge by keeping abreast with new research and developments within the procurement function
  • To optimise the most effective use of resources
  • To make purchasing decisions strictly, and only on the basis of objective and comprehensible criteria
  • To employ a unified approach when implementing targets and evaluating supplier performance, by considering account pricing, logistic and qualitative perspectives.
  • To support the improvement of our supplier's expertise with a view to building open, long term and sustainable relationships.
  • To comply with both local and international legislation, contractual obligations, and guidance on professional practices from The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) - at all times.
Emirates Group Procurement manages sourcing and contracting through their epic solution. epic registration will help you supply to Emirates Group companies. Suppliers can bid for opportunities as invited and can manage their contracts with Emirates Group Companies.