Business Protocols

Qualitative and communicative

Internal clients

We work closely with various departments in the Emirates Group with the aim of satisfying specific requirements and budgetary considerations, and, to monitor ongoing contracts as per stipulated terms and conditions. We represent the interests of these internal clients, and ensure that they receive the best value when sourcing goods and services from external suppliers.

External suppliers

Likewise, we act as the primary source of contact with external suppliers and vendors on all commercial and procurement matters, and aim to constantly employ the best practices related to the procurement process.

Two-pronged approach

The foundation for all our supply chain relationships lies in creating terms that are clear, fair, and mutually beneficial. Our twin objectives are focused on satisfying internal customer requirements and ensuring external customer satisfaction. In fulfilling both these objectives, we work with all parties concerned to ensure the best combination of function, delivery, and costs.

Quality control

We are responsible for the quality of all purchased items - consumable items, capital items, and services - and pursue a zero defect implementation strategy of our targets. We also continue to establish, maintain, and enhance relevant policies and procedures.

Market intelligence

We maintain a comprehensive knowledge base of the markets within which we operate, and continue to develop the most effective strategies in order to procure the highest quality goods and services at the most competitive prices and within appropriate time frames.

Communication channels

We maintain open communication with all our suppliers at all times. While making clear our own requirements, we ensure that they have an adequate number of channels for discussions, clarifications, or to present any difficulties they may experience. We also strive to develop relationships with new suppliers, whenever the opportunity arises.

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